Powerful & Affordable Hotel Rate Shopping

Our hotel rate shopping technology will provide you rate data, analysis, and alerts so that you can better manage your hotel’s rates.

RateShepherd is right for you if:

  • You need hotel competitor pricing that is timely and accurate
  • You need real-time alerts when your competitors change rates
  • You would like suggestions on what prices in your forecast need adjustment
  • You need an affordable plan under $100 per month

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What makes RateShepherd Powerful?

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Our algorithm suggests rate changes in your forecast. It detects when your rates deviate significantly from the competition trend. Learn More…

RapidWatch Dates

We extend our near real-time monitoring to dates you choose. Holidays, Events, ….you pick it and we send you emails when your competitors change their rates.

Daily Excel Email Report

We send you all your rate data and analysis in Excel via email each morning so you have what you need to start your day.

Simple – Affordable – Intelligence