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History No Longer Reflects the Future in Hotel Revenue Management

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Tnooz has a great article identifying 8 things that smart hotel revenue managers do differently.   The article can be viewed below:

Eight things smart hotel revenue managers do differently – Tnooz.

We cannot agree more with point number 8 stating that  “History is no longer a true reflection of the future“.  At, we remain dedicated to providing hotels competitive rate intelligence that allows hoteliers to more effectively manage price position in the forecast.   There are many companies out there providing historical rate analysis and trends for hotels. This article clearly points out that using history to shape the future no longer works.

In this technology age, the consumers are becoming very smart related to price. They have numerous tools to make their search for the best deal fast and easy for them, as pointed out in this article under “2. New vistas, new insights“.    For that reason, we believe that Hoteliers should be equipped with even more sophisticated technology tools to help them be competitive in their market.  After all, the consumer only has to worry about finding the best deal for their stay dates.  The hotel has to effectively manage their price position to attract the consumer for each and every day in the forecast.

If you are looking for a great competitive rate shopping tool for your hotel that will also provide you intelligence to help you quickly isolate rate position opportunities in your forecast, then please check our plans and pricing.  Please  contact us if you have any questions.



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