About Us

What are we?

RateShepherd is a product developed and managed by IronFocus. We partner with businesses to uncover key data insights to optimize customer funnels and ultimately revenue. We saw a need in the Hotel industry for better rate intelligence at an affordable price and thus RateShepherd was born.

RateShepherd’s Mission

Our mission is to provide intelligent rate shopping, analysis, and alerts to hoteliers at an affordable price.

What we do…

Each day we shop your hotel’s rates and send a full suite of reports to enhance your awareness of the competition and your position among them.  This data is paired with suggested rate changes made possible by our RatePeak algorithm.  These suggestions highlight price adjustment opportunities to enhance revenue that may otherwise go unnoticed.  Our customers especially love our RapidWatch and RapidWatch Dates features.  RapidWatch provides real-time alerts via email as your toughest competitors adjust their rates within a 72 hour booking window. RapidWatch Dates extends real-time alerts outside the 72 hour booking window for high yield dates like holidays and special events that you choose.

In many ways we track hotel rates like the stock market.  Since we shop rates everyday we can tell you what has changed since yesterday and what actions are potentially needed with just a quick glance at the reports each day. We work to equip you with the information you need when you need it to better execute your hotel rate strategy.

Why do we do it?

We’ve worked in the hotel industry and we know just how competitive it is out there. Rates are always changing and in the past you had three choices:

  1. Hire someone full-time to produce rate reports (most of which are just data with no intelligence).
  2. Pay for an expensive yield management software solution that takes a team to configure and breaks the bank.
  3. Do nothing (well more like a quick spot check on Monday, just to be safe).

Our services provide you with an intelligent affordable alternative. We’re here to save you time and money and in the process help you make a little more green.

We would love to chat!

Please visit our Contact Us page or our Plans & Pricing page to start a no obligation free trial.