What is RateShepherd.com?

RateShepherd.com is a web technology that provides hotel rate shopping intelligence via reports, alerts, and interactive web analytics.  Our technology allows you to track your competitor’s every move regarding price position so that you can make better decisions and maximize your hotel’s revenue.

Is RateShepherd.com for me?

If you spend more than an hour a week researching the rates of your competitors then this is the solution for you.

Why is RateShepherd.com so inexpensive?

We keep costs low, so that our customers can see the greatest ROI possible. We use open-source technologies and keep overhead low to deliver light-weight and flexible applications to let you manage your business.

Can I cancel my RateShepherd.com subscription at any time?

Yes. We don’t want you to pay for a solution you aren’t using.

Why is my hotel not listed?

We’re adding hotels all of the time. If your hotel isn’t listed, just contact us via the contact page and we’ll be happy to get you on the map.

How long does it take to add a hotel to my competitive set?

We are continually adding hotels to our rate shopping system and these hotels can be tracked within 24 hours of selecting them. If there is a hotel that is not already added to our system, it can take us about 48 hours to get a new hotel fully setup and ready to go.

How many hotel competitors should I track?

We suggest you track everyone that you feel is a competitor. Some managers like a broad view. Some like a surgical view.

Can I change the hotels that I track at any time?

Yes. Business demands change and you should have tools that are flexible enough to move with you. Change your competitors whenever you want to.

How often do you refresh your hotel rates?

We shop your hotel’s rates and your selected competitor’s rates at least once every 24 hours for every room type available.  We do this for each day in your forecast range.

What type of hotel rates do you track?

Our rates come from Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). For your hotel and your competitors we provide the cheapest or best available rate (BAR), the most expensive rate, average rate, and detailed rates by each available room type. We also provide rate analysis to include suggested rate changes based on market trends within the competitive set.

What does “N/A” mean on my hotel rate shopping dashboards, reports, and alerts?

When you see “NA” it means that our hotel rate shopping technology was unable to retrieve a rate for the particular stay date, hotel, and room type. This is likely because they have sold out online or that they do not have room inventory available on the online travel agency. This could mean that they are protecting their rates from wholesale and GDS/ADS markets because of an event etc.